How to Back up Your FolderMill Settings and Hot Folders

When you finally get everything in FolderMill configured just right, it's a good idea to save at this checkpoint. This article explains how to backup your settings and configuration for future use.

Backing up your settings is not a must, but strongly recommended. 

Why we suggest doing this

Several reasons:

  1. You may need to re-install FolderMill or run it on another PC
  2. You may want to share your settings with someone else
  3. You may have changes in your system which affect current settings
  4. You may want to test new settings and keep previous settings safe
  5. You'll be on the safe side when upgrading FolderMill to a newer version
  6. Backing up from time to time is generally good practice

How to save all Hot Folder configuration data & general settings

  1. Open FolderMill Control Panel;
  2. Go to Hot Folders;
  3. Select any created Hot Folder and click Export;
  4. Save all data in a single file:
    Save all settings data as a single ZIP file
  5. Click Save.

Everything is now kept safe. Now you have all your Hot Folders' settings and their Actions (rules) in a single ZIP file. You'll be able to load them later using the Import button.

How to save settings of a certain Hot Folder

  1. Open FolderMill Control Panel;
  2. Go to Hot Folders;
  3. Select a Hot Folder you need and click Export;
  4. Save current Hot Folder settings:
    Save current Hot Folder settings
  5. Click Save.

Now you have a .fmrule file with saved settings of a Hot Folder.

How to load configuration data & general settings from backup

To load your saved settings, use the Import button. There are two options:

  • import a ZIP archive to overwrite all current configuration from backup 
  • import an FMRULE file to add a certain Hot Folder with parameters
  1. In Hot Folders, Click Import;
  2. Select All data in a single file (*.zip). This will overwrite current settings and load previously saved FolderMill data including general settings and Hot Folder settings. To load a certain Hot Folder and its parameters only (without replacing current configuration), select Rule file (*.fmrule;*.ini);
    Import previously saved data
  3. Locate your previously saved backup file;
  4. Click Open;
  5. Confirm replacing all FolderMill data.

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Please note that screenshots in this article are valid for FolderMill version 4.9.