Automatically Print Incoming PDF Files


I need a tool that prints all PDF files as they are arriving to a "hot folder", without any human intervention.


FolderMill is designed to work unattended without any human intervention. The main idea is to watch incoming folders (called "hot folders") for new documents and process them according to predefined actions.

In this solution there is step-by-step instruction how to automatically print pdf files.


1. Download and install FolderMill

2. Click "New rule" button

3. Change basic hot folder settings such as location, pass-through filter and folder for processed files.

4. Then you need to add at least one action to associate with this hot folder. Click "New" and choose "Print Document" option.

5. In "Print" action, select needed printer, number of copies and adjust other settings.

6. After all settings done, start FolderMill Processor.

7. Now all documents appeared in incoming folder will be printer automatically.

Download FolderMill