List of Supported Formats

FolderMill is a Windows software for document workflow automation. It monitors a folder and automatically prints or converts all incoming documents.

FolderMill can process most popular types of office documents including Microsoft Word files, RTF and plain text documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, Visio drawings and charts, Microsoft Office Publisher and Adobe PDF files, XPS, JPG, PNG, PCX, DCX, Bitmap, GIF, TGA, TIFF images and documents.

FolderMill works with desktop laser and jet printers connected via USB or Wi-Fi, as well as high-performance network printers used in offices; plus plotters and virtual printers. With FolderMill you can automatically print PDF and other office documents or images on all these printers.

Some file formats can be printed or converted just by using FolderMill’s own internal engine. This means all you need to automatically print or convert these files is FolderMill. For others, you need to have another application installed. Please refer to the column “Required software” to find the exact software you need for each file format.

Input file formats you can print or convert to PDF, TIFF, PNG or JPEG

Below is a list of input file formats supported by FolderMill. Please note that some formats can only be converted, and some - only printed.

ExtensionDescriptionRequired softwareCan be convertedCan be printed
BMP, DIB Bitmap ImageInternal engine
CDR CorelDRAW ImageCorelDRAW
CGM Computer Graphics MetafileCorelDRAW
CSV Comma-Separated ValuesInternal engine
DCX DCX ImageInternal engine
DFTSolid Edge Draft DocumentSolid Edge
DICOMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Image (.dcm, .dic)Internal engine
DOC, DOTMicrosoft Word DocumentInternal engine
DOCX, DOTX, DOCM Microsoft Word DocumentInternal engine
DWF, DWFXDesign Web FormatAutodesk Design Review
DWG, DXFAutodesk AutoCAD DrawingInternal engine
EML, MSGMicrosoft Outlook MessageInternal engine
EMLXApple Email File FormatInternal engine
EMFEnhanced MetafileInternal engine
GIF GIF ImageInternal engine
HEIC, HEIFHigh Efficiency Image FileWindows 10 (or newer), HEIF and HEVC codecs installed
HPGL, HP, HPG, PLT Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language Internal engine
HTM, HTML HTML DocumentInternal engine
ICSiCalendar fileMicrosoft Outlook
IDW, IAM, IPN, IPTAutodesk Inventor DrawingAutodesk Inventor
INDD, INDP, IDAP, INDT, INDL, INX, IDML, QXD, QXT, INDBAdobe InDesign fileAdobe InDesign
JBG, JBIG JBIG ImageInternal engine
JPG, JPEG, JFIF JPEG ImageInternal engine
MCDX, MCTXMathcad Worksheet FileMathCAD Prime
MHT, MHTML MHTML DocumentInternal engine
MPP Microsoft Project fileMicrosoft Project 2010 or newer
ODF, ODG, ODP, ODS, ODT  OpenOffice / LibreOffice DocumentOpenOffice or LibreOffice
ONE  Microsoft OneNote DocumentMicrosoft OneNote 2010 or newer
OSTOffline Outlook Data FileInternal engine
P7MDigitally Encrypted Message (smime.p7m)Internal engine

Printer Command LanguageAdditional plug-in (by request)
PCX PCX ImageInternal engine
PDF Portable Document FormatInternal engine
PLTAutoCAD Plotter DocumentInternal engine
PNG PNG ImageInternal engine
PPT, PPS, PPTX, PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint PresentationMicrosoft Office 2007 SP2 (or newer) / OpenOffice or LibreOffice
PRNMicrosoft Windows Print FileInternal engine
PS, EPS Post Script FileGhostScript
PSD Adobe Photoshop ImageInternal engine
PSTOutlook Data FileInternal engine
PUB Microsoft Publisher PublicationMicrosoft Office Publisher 2007 SP2
RTF Rich Text FormatInternal engine
SNP Microsoft Access SNAP ImageInternal engine
SVG, SVGZ Scalable Vector Graphic FileInternal engine
SWF Small Web FormatInternal engine
TGA TGA ImageInternal engine
TIF, TIFF TIFF ImageInternal engine
TXT, TEXT, JAVAText DocumentInternal engine
VCFVirtual Card FormatInternal engine
VBS, BAT, CMD, PS1, PS1MScript FileInternal Engine
VSD, VSDXMicrosoft VisioMicrosoft Office Visio 2007 SP2
WEBPWebP File Format (.webp)Internal engine
WMFWindows MetafileInternal engine
WPC, WPDWordPerfect DocumentMicrosoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) or newer / Corel WordPerfect
XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetInternal engine
XMLXML DocumentInternal engine
XPS, OXPSMicrosoft XPS DocumentInternal engine
ZPL, EPL Zebra Print file, Eltron Print Language fileInternal engine

Output file formats

Below is the list of output file formats you can get using FolderMill:

PDFPortable Document Format (including PDF/A)
TIF Tiff Image
PNG Png Image
JPG Jpeg Image

How to increase the number of formats you can convert to

In order to extend the number of supported output formats, you can combine FolderMill with a virtual printer, like Universal Document Converter. With Universal Document Converter, you can set more flexible settings for output files, such as compression quality, cropping of margins, password-protected PDF, and more.

Besides PDF, TIFF, PNG and JPEG formats already supported by FolderMill, Universal Document Converter can also convert to BMP, DCX, PCX and GIF.

Didn't find your format

We are continually improving the functionality of FolderMill. If you have documents in other formats you need to work with, but are not recognised by FolderMill, please Let us know.We will consider adding them in a future version.