Automatically Print Documents on Many Printers at the Same Time

Our marketing deartment needs to print flyers for our newest devices on 50 different printers. We would like to be able to print all the flyers to the different printers without having to manually print each flyer. Can you help?

Thank you for reaching out to us with your problem. Printing flyers to 50 different printers at the same time can certainly seem like a daunting task. We do have a product that will automate all that printing. That product is FolderMill.

FolderMill is designed to be installed on one of your servers and allows everyone connected to the server to take advantage of "hot folders".

These "hot folders" are configured to carry out specific tasks each time a document is placed into the folder. Each folder can be configured to carry out whatever print task you need. In your case, each folder can be configured to print to a different printer.

Once configured to print to all your printers the "hot folders" will take care of printing your flyers for you. You can even create folders for other print options, such as printing some flyers in color, others in black and white, and whatever else you need.

Now your marketing department can focus more on showcasing your new products and less time worrying about manually sending print jobs to different printers. Once an employee completes a flyer all they need to do is place it in their corresponding folder and they can start working on the next flyer.

FolderMill will detect a document was placed in the "hot folder" and will automatically and immediately carry out the print task assigned to it. This also means mistakes and errors are a thing of the past for your marketing department. Now each and every new flyer will be printed correctly.

Once set up and running, FolderMill will automate printing your flyers across all your printers. This should make operations much smoother and provide more time for your marketing experts to focus on their most important task - highlighting the new products your company has developed.

Download FolderMill