Convert JPG, Microsoft Publisher and Other Documents to PDF

Each of our 300 employees copies documents to an office server. Employees work with JPG images, Microsoft Publisher and other documents. I'd like the ability to automatically convert these documents into PDF format. Is there a software tool available to help me with this task?

With so many employees and documents it's a good idea to look for ways to automate processes. The PDF format can be a good fit when it comes to long-term preservation of documents. With this format, you and your employees can access the documents on virtually any device, including mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Hot folder software to automate business tasks

fCoder recognized the importance of automating business tasks like the one mentioned above and developed a product called FolderMill.

FolderMill gets installed onto one of your office servers and allows you to create Hot  Folders to carry out certain tasks. You can set up these "monitoring folders" to print documents, or in the case, convert documents to different formats, including PDF.

Once the program is installed, you can create one or more FolderMill's so-called Hot Folders for your employees to use. When an employee is finished working with a JPG or Microsoft Publisher document, they can just place it into one of these folders, and pre-defined operations will be performed instantly.

The software will then automatically convert the document into a PDF format. FolderMill includes support for dozens of file formats, so chances are you will be able to convert every document your employees use into a PDF file.

You can organize the Hot Folders to match whatever works best for your business processes. For instance, create a folder for each person or create folders for certain types of documents. The important thing is you have now automated the conversion of all your business documents into the PDF format.

Easy-to-use for end users

No specific skills or unique knowledge are needed to use FolderMill. All your employees do is place their documents into the specified folder and then the software does all the work. Plus, you have greatly minimized the opportunity for employees to make mistakes or waste time. Each document will be automatically converted into a PDF as soon as it is placed into a monitoring folder.

We hope you will find FolderMill useful and productive in your company. Now that you can automatically convert documents into PDF format, your employees can focus on other tasks. Besides, FolderMill can automatically print documents on one or multiple printers.

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