FolderMill Document Conversion Server Version 1.5 – New Features

In response to overwhelming user response, FolderMill can now convert source files in the most popular graphic formats. Now FolderMill Document Conversion Server supports Microsoft Visio source files. The software uses Microsoft Visio 2003 or older to keep the target image as close to the source as possible. Microsoft Visio is not included in FolderMill and needs to be purchased and installed separately in order to convert VSD - TIFF, VSD - PDF, VSD - JPEG, VSD – PNG, etc.

FolderMill Document Conversion Server version 1.5 now supports conversion of almost all the popular graphic formats using built-in Windows functions. The new feature is powered by the standard Windows GDI+ library included in all modern systems, so no additional applications are required to support source files in formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, etc. As a result, FolderMill can now automatically perform such conversions as JPEG - PDF, TIFF – PDF and TIFF – GIF.

With this type of conversion, the converted file will meet all the required parameters for format, resolution and color depth. FolderMill v1.5 also offers a filter that allows certain types of source files to be transferred to the target folder without undergoing conversion. This pass-through filter lets users exclude files by file type, such as JPG, MSG or DAT. The filter can be applied to any file type.

The latest version of FolderMill includes significant improvements in the program’s performance in a networked environment. These improvements prevent conversion errors caused by network problems.

FolderMill v1.5 also offers completely redesigned conversion control tools. FolderMill Document Conversion Server now monitors the status of each document from the moment the source file is scanned in the source folder to the moment the converted file is saved to the target folder.

In response to user requests, FolderMill v1.5 also includes an option for receiving email alerts of any errors during the conversion process. Users should keep in mind that it can take several seconds to send a single email alert. In order to receive alerts, FolderMill users select an external server and create an account.