FolderMill - Document Processing Server

FolderMill - Document Processing Server

FolderMill - is a server-side application that automatically converts Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations to PDF, JPEG, TIFF, or other image formats. FolderMill provides an easy way of automating routine document processing tasks and establishing document flow in an enterprise environment.

FolderMill - Automate Document Conversion

FolderMill automatically converts incoming Word documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, HTML files, Images and other document types to PDF, JPEG or TIFF.

FolderMill - Print Documents Automatically

FolderMill automatically prints incoming documents on defined printer. It could be local, network or even virtual printer.


FolderMill watches a folder and process incoming documents

FolderMill automatically convert documents appeared in incoming folders to PDF, JPG or TIFF, or print incoming documents on chosen printer. Administrator may define folders for monitoring and set actions to perform. After this all employees in the office will be able to print or convert documents as simple as copying files!

Ideally Easy End-User Interface

End-user just need to place incoming file to the hot folder in order to convert or print it. Basically there is no any GUI needed for the end-user to use FolderMill.

Advanced Document Converter

FolderMill automatically converts incoming documents to PDF or image files like Jpeg or Tiff.

Automated Printing System

FolderMill automatically prints incoming files on defined printer. It is possible to print the same document on several printers.

Support Different Document Types

FolderMill supports all popular types of office documents including PDF, Word, Excel, Image files, etc.

Extended Processing Rules

Several processing actions for each hot folder are available, e.g. document can be printed and converted to PDF at the same time!

Reliable Documents Tracking

Keep original documents if needed, log document processing flow and send alert emails if there any issue with incoming document.

Extremely Easy of Use

Document processing is very easy from the end-user perspective. The only thing required is to copy an original document into the input folder. Processing starts automatically, and a moment later the converted file will appear in the output folder or printed on chosen printer.

There is no additional software required to install on workstations. All processing is performed automatically on server.

Wide List of Supported File Formats

FolderMill is able to process all common office documents including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, Image files, Html pages and many more.

Integration in Document Processing Systems and Workflow

Thanks to ease of use, FolderMill can be integrated into existing document processing flow the simplest way. Based on reliable engine, highly professional and high-performance processing core, it is possible to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Fast Processing Engine

FolderMill is ready to process thousands of documents everyday.

Easy to Integrate

IT system integrators and independent software developers can include FolderMill into existing or new document workflow.

High Variety of Actions

It is possible to create as many action as needed, adjusting them for different cases.

Convert to PDF

Automatically convert incoming documents to PDF and PDF/A.

Convert to Image

Rasterize documents to Jpeg or Tiff on the way.

Print Documents

Send incoming documents to desired printer.

Customer Testimonials

We've included FolderMill into our document workflow as incoming gate by adding straight forward processing rules and convert all documents to Tiff.

David Murray, Senior Analyst


Now we don't need to setup hardware, just put document to incoming folder and it will be printed on our Laser Printing Machine automatically.

John Moore, C Developer

Availability and Licensing

Download free version of FolderMill to evaluate the software and use it for non-commercial needs. Free version allows you to try all the available features of the program. The only thing that makes it different from the commercial version is a text "Created by FolderMill" attached to every output file.

There are two more licensing options available for your specific business needs and requirements:

FolderMill license

FolderMill - Commercial License

Lets the user install, activate and run FolderMill under one Windows user account. The price for this license is $499.


FolderMill - Site License

Lets corporate users install and run FolderMill in all the company offices and servers.

Volume discounts are available starting from 5 licenses. Special price is available for governmental and nonprofit organizations. Resellers and partners are welcome to our worldwide distribution network! Please contact us to get more information.

FolderMill News and Events

FolderMill 2.0 is Ready to Create PDF Files! - fCoder Group, Inc. introduces a new version of FolderMill – software for automatic creation of PDF files and for silent document printing within the office environment. FolderMill 2.0 contains a new PDF creator module and a new control panel graphics interface.
Use FolderMill 2.0 as the Basis of the Workflow System! - Document exchange in the PDF format as well as printing documents and images are very common routine tasks within the office environment. FolderMill is the workflow software solution that lets system integrators automate these tedious jobs and improve working efficiency of every company employee.
Automatic Document Printing in the Office with FolderMill 2.0! - FolderMill - the software that watches the incoming files in selected folders can now automatically print the documents. FolderMill is installed on the corporate server and shares the incoming folder within the corporate network.
Automate PDF Creation in the Office using new FolderMill Software! - The main task of FolderMill is to monitor input files in the "hot folders" and to process them all according to the document processing standards set within a company. FolderMill 2.0 can handle wide list of documents types, including Microsoft Office Word files, RTF and plain text documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, Visio drawings and charts, Microsoft Office Publisher and Adobe PDF files, XPS, JPG, PNG, PCX, DCX, Bitmap, GIF, TGA, TIFF images and documents.

About Company

fCoder Group, Inc. provides robust digital document and image processing applications to corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and individual consumers worldwide. The company, which was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, designs and develops its software solutions within its three divisions – document imaging, image processing, and digital photo editing.

Customer Support Service

Please contact the customer support service if you have any question or suggestions. We are always ready to tell you how to use FolderMill to solve your tasks most effectively, how to deploy FolderMill in your company environment, how to integrate FolderMill into your system, how to get volume, nonprofit or distributor's discount.