FolderMill 5.2: Improvements for Various Actions, New FolderMill Report Utility, and Other Features

FolderMill 5.2: Improvements for Various Actions, New FolderMill Report Utility, and Other Features

What's new in FolderMill 5.2

New Action

New supported file format

New FolderMill Report utility

We created a standalone utility called FolderMill Report. It allows you to export and save FolderMill logs in TXT format by selecting a specific time period.

Export and save FolderMill logs in TXT format

To open FolderMill Report, run the FolderMill Report.exe file in the folder where FolderMill is installed.

Pause/resume specific Hot Folders via the command line

You can now run commands to pause/unpause selected Hot Folders which makes them inactive or active. This can be done by executing special commands.

Improvements for Actions

Convert to PDF Action:

Rename document Action:

  • Utilize the new macros when renaming files:
    • Email metadata macros: Delivery timestamp, From..., To..., Subject. This works if the source file is an MSG or EML email message file.
    • GPS Latitude, GPS Longitude. This information can be retrieved from the source file's EXIF metadata.

Resize document Action:

  • New option for setting the resize condition: "not equal to" (Resize only if page size…).

Copy document Action:

  • Handle file attachments in different ways: Ignore attachments, Keep attachments only, Keep both container and attachments.
  • Utilize the new macros to modify the output folder location:
    • Filename → Source file path, 1st part <...> 3rd part ({srcfilefullpath(1)}-{srcfilefullpath(3)})
    • Date/Time → Full date, Full time ({date(M-d-yyyy)}, {time(h-mm-ss tt)})
    • Special folder → My documents, Common documents ({mydocs}, {pubdocs})

Text watermark Action:

  • The new Text margins setting allows you to add extra space around the text. This feature was inspired by feedback from customers who were dissatisfied with how closely the color frame was positioned to the text characters when using a non-transparent background.

Print document Action:

Filter by page size Action:

Send to Email Action:

  • New ability to send multiple files at once as attachments. For example, if an original multi-page PDF file has been split into several single-page JPEG files (by a previous FolderMill Action), all the resulting files will be sent to the mailbox.

    Note: This feature is currently only available for the Convert to ImageSend to Email Action combination.

For email authentication (SMTP):

  • Send emails to multiple email addresses. Just add multiple addresses in the To address: field, each separated by a semicolon (";"). This can be used both for the Send to Email Action and sending error/warning notifications.
  • Select TLS/SSL mode options for SMTP Server Settings. You can choose from: None, Implicit, Explicit, or Auto.

For any Convert to... Action:

Improvements for CAD drawings processing

  • Enhanced internal component for better processing of DWG and DXF drawings
  • Compatibility with the latest eDrawings Viewer 2024 and its API
  • Integration of Autodesk Inventor API. It allows Autodesk Inventor to be used as additional software to convert or print DWG or DXF drawings through FolderMill

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added the ability to lock/unlock the FolderMill Control Panel by setting a password.
  • Fixed an error related to setting a non-standard path for the "Logs" folder.
  • FolderMill now checks if the output folder for a new Action exists and creates it if it doesn't exist yet.

How to get the latest version