Automatic Document Printing in the Office with FolderMill 2.0!

FolderMill - the software that watches the incoming files in selected folders can now automatically print the documents. FolderMill is installed on the corporate server and shares the incoming folder within the corporate network.

To print the documents all the company employees need to do is to place them into one of the "hot folders". There is no need to open every file individually, select the printer and specify printing parameters. No printer driver installation is required either. All the documents will be printed based on the same printing standards, for example, "Page size = Letter; Tonner using mode = Economical; Color mode = Grayscale; Number of copies = 2".

Additionally, to print several documents in a row the user needs to place them all into the "hot folder" instead of opening and printing every single file individually. This is really a time saving feature for people who need to print tons of documents daily.

The full list of the file types FolderMill can print includes Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, plain texts, RTF, XPS, HTML, XML, MHT and Adobe PDF documents, TIFF, SVG, JPG, PNG, GIF, PCX, DCX, Bitmap and TGA image files, Autodesk AutoCAD and SolidWorks drawings, Microsoft Outlook messages and WordPerfect documents.

FolderMill can automatically print the documents on several printers at the same time. Just create a new rule for FolderMill, and the software will follow it!

The list of supported printers includes desktop laser and jet printers connected to the laptop via USB or Wi-Fi, high-performance network printers used in offices, plotters and virtual printers use for virtual document printing to PDF, Postscript and image files.

FolderMill version 2.0 has new system administrator's control panel interface and is based on new improved printing and document processing engine.

FolderMill Availability and Licensing

FolderMill 2.0 is available for evaluation and private usage free of charge at:

Commercial version of the software costs $499 per server. Volume discounts and site license for deploying and use of FolderMill in all offices within a corporation are available at: