Use FolderMill 2.0 as the Basis of the Workflow System!

Document exchange in the PDF format as well as printing documents and images are very common routine tasks within the office environment. FolderMill is the workflow software solution that lets system integrators automate these tedious jobs and improve working efficiency of every company employee.

FolderMill monitors "hot folders" for incoming documents and image files. Each new file is processed according to the list of actions specified for every "hot folder".

For example, one action may specify conversion of documents to the PDF format or an image file. Another action may specify printing them on the network office printer in a grayscale mode. The third action may send technical drawings to the plotter.

In this case, company employees simply copy the documents that should be converted to PDF into one network folder. Another network folder is for the documents that should be printed with draft quality. The third network folder is for drawings that should be plotted.

It means that the users don’t need to learn the new software interface. Any person who can use a computer knows how to copy files from one folder to another.

One of the customers of FolderMill has 50 network printers installed in 50 different corporate offices and needs to print each instruction that the company management makes. With FolderMill this task can be fulfilled easily: CEO and Vice President just copy new orders to the network folder. FolderMill works on the applications server in the datacenter and keeps all the offices informed!

The new version of FolderMill software is equipped with new document and image processing engines. The control panel interface and official FolderMill website have also been updated.

FolderMill Workflow Software Pricing and Licensing

Evaluation version of FolderMill 2.0 is available free of charge at:

Commercial version of the software costs $499 per server. Volume discounts and a site license for deploying and use of FolderMill in all offices within the corporation or institution are available at: