FolderMill 2.0 is Ready to Create PDF Files!

fCoder introduces a new version of FolderMill - software for automatic creation of PDF files and for silent document printing within the office environment. FolderMill 2.0 contains a new PDF creator module and a new control panel graphics interface.

Mikhael Bolgov, Vice President of fCoder Group, Inc. says:


"We have started development of FolderMill because our customers requested a server-side solution for PDF files creation similar to other products of ours - Universal Document Converter and DocuFreezer. And we have added a printing feature to FolderMill 2.0, since the users of Print Conductor wanted us to make the program able to watch the hot folders and print the documents placed into them.

In FolderMill 1.x we used additional virtual printing software for converting documents to PDF and image files, such as JPG or TIFF. FolderMill 2.0 is based on internal document processing module that makes PDF creation process faster and more reliable.

Plus, the quality of the newly created PDF files is better, because the new algorithm keeps the document structure more accurate. For example, in some cases internal links in PDF files created with a virtual printer were lost, because Microsoft Windows printing system skipped this information. In FolderMill 2.0 this issue is completely resolved!

FolderMill is a server-side application. Because of this it should work correctly without any human assistance and even under some negative influence, for example, if the documents in the monitored folder have been corrupted, if there is no free space left in the output folder, if there is a paper jam in the printer, etc. This was the main challenge during FolderMill development. And it was the reason, why we moved all document processing functions to the separated executable module.

In further versions of FolderMill we plan to expand the list of the supported source image files and types of documents. Also we have plans to make FolderMill able to receive documents in ZIP archives, because this is what our customers would like us to do."

FolderMill 2.0 Pricing and Licensing

Evaluation version of FolderMill 2.0 is available free of charge at:

Commercial version of the software costs $499 per server. Volume discounts and site license for deploying and use of FolderMill in all offices within one corporation or institution are available at: