FolderMill 3.0 – the “Workflow system in the box”

fCoder has released the updated version of FolderMill software – version 3.0 offering solutions for automated file processing within the office environment. FolderMill monitors hot folders and automatically print incoming documents or convert them to PDF, Tiff or Jpeg. Designed mainly for large document workflows it offers a simple interface and an efficient approach to file processing. The newest program version is equipped with a list of new features and abilities as well as an easy and effective approach to file processing.

FolderMill is based on a very simple interface. All the end users have just folders to place the files that need to be processed. Called "hot folders" they are able to process all the files they deal with in accordance with specific rules. The most frequent actions are printing, converting documents to PDF, applying a watermark, splitting documents to separate pages, etc. So, user just need to copy file to this hot folder and FolderMill will automatically print it on predefined printer or convert to PDF or image.

The end-users do not need to specify these rules themselves, as all the preparatory work is done by system administrators. There could be several "hot folders" for different specific tasks.

FolderMill version 3.0 can now fulfill more complicated tasks on documents than before. One can assign a set of actions (several actions to be performed in a row) for each "hot folder". Among other improvements are: ability to print documents with cover pages, export documents to PDF, JPG, TIFF or PNG formats, split multipage documents into separate TIFF pages, add watermarks on output files or printouts, etc.

FolderMill version 3.0 contains of 2 parts: Control Panel and Processor. FolderMill Control Panel lets IT staff setup hot folders and assign a specific list of actions to each of them. Control panel in FolderMill 3.0 has been totally redesigned to make the user interface easier. FolderMill Processor does processing job. It monitors hot folders and can use additional modules for processing the incoming files.

FolderMill version 3.0 contains additional resources for processing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, Outlook, Adobe PDF and PSD, Rich Text, HTML, MHT, XPS, EPS, PS, JPG, PNG, TIFF, Autodesk AutoCAD and Design Review, SolidWorks, OpenOffice, plain text, XML and many other file types.

FolderMill is best used and most appreciated by mid-size and large companies. It is usually installed on server and shares its hot folders with all employees. While it's normally problematic for the company staff to install additional software or additional drivers on their corporate computers, FolderMill releases them from this necessity. The company employees can quickly fulfill their tasks related to document printing, watermarking, or conversion. Besides, company workers can use their tablets or smartphones same way as they use their primary computer to use the program.

FolderMill is the software which is easy to access and easy to use, but provides powerful abilities.

FolderMill version 3.0 is available for free evaluation at:

Commercial license costs $499 and is available to order at:

Volume discount is available from 2-servers license. Educational and non-profit organizations also have a discount by request.