FolderMill 3.1 – Documents Processing Software to Deploy in Offices Worldwide

The most recent version of FolderMill from fCoder Group, version 3.1, includes several features requested by customers.  With these new capabilities and the already existing uses for this powerful software program, FolderMill is poised to support document processing requirements for businesses around the globe.

Common Uses

The most common uses of FolderMill include printing files and creating PDF files from other documents.  This is typically accomplished by installing FolderMill on the server side of a business’ network.  FolderMill will watch for files to show up in pre-configured “hot folders”, which are shared for employees across the corporate network.

Employees simply copy documents, presentations, images, drawings or worksheets to the appropriate “hot folder” and FolderMill will automatically convert the document to PDF or print it, depending on the “hot folder’s” configuration.  Whether converting or printing, FolderMill will immediately carry out the task assigned to a “hot folder”.

Immediate Results

This means there is no waiting or lag time when a document needs to be converted or printed.  Once a document is placed into a “hot folder”, FolderMill will immediately convert the file to PDF or print it to the appropriate printer.  Now all a company’s invoices, receipts, marketing materials, training guides and much more will be instantly printed or converted and ready for their intended use.

This instant document processing capability is also useful for customers.  A customer can be given access to a network “hot folder” and without any special training or interface to learn, the customer can instantly provide invoices, receipts or other documents to be processed accordingly.

New Features

Customers and users of FolderMill wanted to see several features in this program and fCoder Group has delivered just what its customers wanted.  FolderMill 3.1 now includes the ability to process Adobe PDF Portfolio files, Microsoft Outlook MSG files, CorelDraw CDR and WordPerfect WPD documents.

Other changes within FolderMill 3.1 include:

  • A new interface for plugin settings
  • Print Adobe PDF Portfolio files and split them into separate documents
  • Updated Adobe PDF to PDF/A conversion module
  • New ability to print or convert password-protected PDF and Microsoft Word files
  • New ability to automatically print and convert CorelDraw CDR, WordPerfect WPD and Outlook MSG files
  • Ability to change advanced settings in the document printing plugin
  • A new plugin to copy incoming files
  • A new plugin to rename incoming files, including the ability to use macros and expressions
  • Ability to append documents into a single, multipage TIFF file
  • A new plugin to run any other application using command line syntax

Use FolderMill Today

To showcase the power of FolderMill’s automatic conversion and printing capabilities, fCoder Group is offering FolderMill for a free use.  To see how easy this software is to use and how beneficial it can be for your organization, download a free version now at

When you see just how much time and money this software will save your company, visit to purchase a commercial software license for only $499 USD.

Current customers can request a free update to FolderMill 3.1 by visiting this site here.