How to Print or Convert Multiple HEIC (HEIF) Images

Printing, opening, and viewing HEIC files directly on Windows can be challenging due to limited native support. However, by using third-party software like FolderMill, you can easily print your HEIC images or convert them to another image format. 

Please note that FolderMill requires additional software to handle HEIC files – either ImageMagick or HEIC/HEVC codecs.

Printing or Converting HEIC Images with FolderMill step by step

Instruction applies to: FolderMill 5.0 (or newer)

FolderMill is an automation software that processes files from monitored folders. It can both print and convert HEIC files automatically.

Step 1. 

Download and install FolderMill from the official website.

Step 2. 

Install additional software: Make sure ImageMagick or HEIC/HEVC codecs are installed. See instructions below.

Step 3. 

Set up your Hot Folder: Create a Hot Folder where you will place your HEIC files for further printing or conversion.

Step 4. 

Configure the Print document or Convert to… Actions: Add an Action to print files placed in the Hot Folder. Choose the printer and other settings as needed. In case of conversion to JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or PDF, choose the Convert to… Action accordingly.

Step 5. 

Monitor and process: Start FolderMill real-time file monitoring, move HEIC files to the Hot Folder, and FolderMill will automatically handle the Actions that you added.

How to install additional software for HEIC files processing

FolderMill supports HEIC as input file type but it requires additional components installed on your system. In order to process these filetypes, there are two options:

  • Install ImageMagick (free)
  • Install HEIF and HEVC codecs ($0.99) 

Either option is usable. For instance, if you already have the HEIF and HEVC codecs, there's no need to install ImageMagick.

How to install ImageMagick

Go to and download the installation file. For example, you can download and install this one: ImageMagick-7.1.1-34-Q8-x64-dll.exe. Install the program by following the installation wizard.

How to Windows HEIF and HEVC codecs

To install the codecs, follow this instruction: How to install HEIF and HEVC codecs

Note: Installing these codecs will also enable you to view and open HEIC photos on your Windows computer.

About HEIC (HEIF) format

HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container) is Apple's proprietary version of the High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format. It is used to store images and videos on Apple's devices such as the iPhone and iPad. The HEIC format was developed by the HEIF standard, which is designed for storing high-quality images.

HEIC (.heic, .heif, High Efficiency Image Format) is an image format used on Apple devices. However, Windows users often encounter difficulties when working with HEIC files. Therefore, FolderMill can be useful for printing them on paper or converting these files into more commonly used formats such as JPG, PNG, or TIFF.