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FolderMill can help you automatically print various documents, images, or other types of files daily. The program can seamlessly print large volumes of different files: PDFs, office documents, text files, drawings, images, barcodes & labels, and many other file types.

Printing multiple PDF files to any printer

FolderMill detects incoming PDF and other files and automatically processes them. It can perform even several assigned printing tasks at the same time. The program supports any kind of printing device available in your system: laser and inkjet printers, plotters, multi-functional (MFP), all-in-one (AIO), home and office printers, as well as virtual or network printers. FolderMill saves applied print settings (i.e., paper size, orientation, etc.) and printer properties since the latest session to use them later again.

There's a wide range of basic and advanced print settings available that allow you to set up the printing process exactly the way you need it.

How to set up automatic printing of documents

Select "Print document" action

It is very easy to configure FolderMill for automated printing of documents. Simply create a Hot Folder, add Print document action, specify desired print settings and then let FolderMill start monitoring new files with the Start button.

Copy files that need to be printed out to the Hot Folder. Your incoming documents will be automatically printed according to the applied print settings. Processing takes place in real-time so that you can take the printouts from the printer tray right away.

Quick steps on printing PDF, documents, images, or other files:

  1. Open FolderMill Control Panel
  2. Create a new Hot Folder
  3. Select the Print document action
  4. Click OK and then Apply changes
  5. Press the Start button on FolderMill Control Panel
"Print document" action parameters in FolderMill

Select printer

Select your printing device. It can be a local, virtual, wireless, network or any other type of printer available.

Printer settings

Use this option to change native settings of your printer - printer properties, where you can select duplex printing, paper tray, page orientation, paper type and size, print quality, page order, color management and other options (they may vary depending on your printer brand and model). Once specified, these printer settings are saved and used by FolderMill regardless of default print settings in your Windows system.

For instance, you can create several different print actions to print the documents on the same printer, but with different settings - both print settings and printer properties.

Page range

Select page range in FolderMill

Choose between Print all pages and Print page range. To select a specific range of pages, type in their numbers separated by a comma, e.g., 1-5,7,23-25 (starting from the beginning of the document). You can set:

  • Single pages. For example: 1,3,5
  • Page ranges separated by commas. For example: 1-5,20-25
  • Pages from the end of a document (using the syntax last). For example: last,last1,last2,last3...
  • Complex page range. For example: 1,5-10,12-last
To indicate pages from the end of a document, use the syntax last:
  • last – the last page
  • last1 – page before the last one (the second page from the end)
  • last2 – third page from the end
  • etc.

Please indicate page range properly. For instance, if you need to print only 2 first pages of a document, you have to set "1-2" as pages range (not just "2").


Select number of copies and type of collation

Select a Number of copies and type of Collation. There are two Collation types available:

  • Uncollated - FolderMill prints all copies of a page before printing copies of the next page. That is, all copies of individual pages will be arranged and printed together, according to the pattern:
    111, 222, 333
  • By pages - FolderMill prints pages in consecutive order. It finishes one copy of the entire document before printing the next copy. That is, all copies of each document will be printed one by one, and pages will be sorted according to the pattern:
    123, 123, 123

Page scaling

Set page scaling: best fit, fit to page or original size in FolderMill

Adjust page size for printed documents by using this dropdown list. Select either of the following page scaling options:

  • Best fit - Small documents will be printed in original size, and oversized documents will shrink to page
  • Fit to page - Small documents will be stretched to fit the page, and oversized documents will shrink to page. Please note, that if a small image is stretched to fit a page, the print-out may have poor quality
  • Original size - Print document in its original size, "as is"

Auto Portrait/Landscape

Set automatic rotation of pages in FolderMill

Enable this option to have pages of incoming documents automatically rotated into Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal) orientation. FolderMill fits pages of your documents the best way by detecting the relation between:

  • page size of a document and
  • paper sheet size (paper size selected in your printer's settings)

So, if you have a document in landscape orientation, but printing is set as portrait, FolderMill will automatically rotate the document to print this document on paper the best way.

Print email attachments

Enable printing attachments for EML and MSG e-mail messages. It is one of the features, highly demanded by our customers. Not only can you print multiple Microsoft Outlook e-mail messages, but also files attached to the e-mails (all types that are supported by FolderMill).

Enable printing of a cover page to separate multiple copies of printed documents. You can use a default cover page, a blank sheet of paper or even create your own custom cover page template via advanced settings.

FolderMill printing tips & tricks

You can also configure FolderMill to perform even more complex and specific tasks. Here are a few tips on how to streamline some of them.

Quickly send files to Hot Folder using context menu

Select one or more files, right-click them and find Process with FolderMill option in the context menu, then send files to an existing Hot Folder:

Send documents to Hot Folder directly from context menu

When you send files to a Hot Folder this way, you will be prompted to specify the number of copies of these documents. To enable this feature, please don't forget to check the box next to Add to Windows explorer context menu option on FolderMill installation. 

Automatically choose printer tray depending on document page size

If your printer has different paper sources, you can let FolderMill automatically detect the most suitable paper tray for each incoming file. It will distribute incoming documents to different printer trays, depending on document page size. To enable this feature, press Ctrl + Alt + i in Print Document Action parameters, find line ChoosePaperSourceByDocPageSize and change it to ChoosePaperSourceByDocPageSize=1.

Specify print settings directly in the filename

You can change print settings for each document individually by renaming files. Name your file using the following pattern:


As you can see, it is possible to change values for the number of copies, set duplex mode, select printer tray, paper type ID, or page range - for each file. See further details in our how-to article: Apply Print Settings from Filename.

Print specific documents using filename filter

You can configure FolderMill so that it processes only certain types of files using Filename filter action. This action can select files by name or file extension, for example, to print only PDF files. You can also skip files, which shouldn't be processed, using the Exclude files by mask option. 

Simultaneously print documents on different printers

With FolderMill, you can send groups of documents to different printers. Simply create as many Print Document Actions as you need and choose different printers there. FolderMill will process incoming files and distribute them to different printing devices.

Combine file conversion with printing

FolderMill is all about multitasking! Our software can take care of your routine processes and combine different tasks, such as conversion and subsequent printing. For example, you can have your JPG files converted to PDF and printed on a selected printer.

See more tips & tricks →

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