Automatically print and convert documents on servers with FolderMill 4.0

We are happy to announce the new and improved version of FolderMill!

Version 4.0 provides new features expanding the functionality and usability of the program.

This new update includes a new service mode, support for new formats, an optimized processing queue manager, prioritization of Hot folders, the ability to append to PDF or TIFF documents, localization of FolderMill to German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian languages, and more.

FolderMill is a low-maintenance software tool that enhances the document workflow within a business environment.  Through the use of its Hot folders, you can instantly convert documents to PDF or image formats, or print them on a selected printer. This is done by simply placing a document into one of the pre-configured folders, called Hot folders, and retrieving the output file from the ‘Output’ folder.

What's new in FolderMill 4.0:

The newest features includes:

  • Added service mode
  • Improved processing queue manager, with priority settings for Hot folders
  • Added multithreaded task processing
  • Added support for new formats
  • Added localization to German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian languages
  • Improved append to multi-page PDF or TIFF feature
  • Added option to overwrite image files
  • Added flexible output files numbering
  • Added detailed descriptions for Action Set options
  • Added an option to keep the original folder structure
  • Added feature to resume suspended processes in case of system failure
  • Added an ability to choose a type of limitation in the free version of FolderMill
  • 14-day trial version of FolderMill available

Service Mode

The new version of FolderMill can now operate in Windows OS Service mode. This allows users to set up a user-unattended server system. In order to enable this mode, please tick ‘Run FolderMill Processor as service’ (available in the server version).

Improved processing queue manager and priority settings for Hot folders

The new algorithm for the task processing queue was improved and changed from ‘vertical’ to ‘horizontal’ in this new version. The task processing is now simultaneous for first-priority tasks and more streamlined in different Hot folders and their subfolders. The result is system resources are used more effectively and efficiently.

Specific Hot folders can now be distinguished by High, Medium or Low priority, depending on your preferences. You can select which folder or a set of documents to be processed on a first-priority basis, and which ones should run in background mode.

Multithreaded task processing

With enhanced multithreaded task processing, many operations are performed simultaneously. Due to lower resource consumption and better system utilization, the delivery of output files is now faster.

Support of new formats

The updated version of FolderMill supports many new formats:

Format Required software
EML, MSG Internal engine
CSV Microsoft Excel or Open Office
CDR, CGM Corel Draw
PDF Portfolio Adobe Acrobat
WPD Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect Office

Documents in these formats are now available for conversion and printing.

In order to work with EML (.eml) and MSG (.msg) format and their attachments, you do not need to have Microsoft Outlook installed. Moreover, EML and MSG format attachments are also supported, and it is possible to:

  • Have EML or MSG attachments processed as separate files
  • Combine EML or MSG attachments with the body of the letter into one multi-page PDF or TIFF file
  • Ignore attachments during conversion
  • Add additional pages with fields containing information on sender, receiver, copy, blind copy and subject of the letter

Localization to German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian languages

The new version of FolderMill is now available not only in English, but in German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

Improved append to multi-page PDF or TIFF feature

The new Append to PDF or TIFF feature allows you to consecutively append new documents of different formats to one multi-page file in PDF or TIFF.

Option to overwrite image files

There is an additional option which allows users to overwrite image files in the new version of FolderMill. This feature is an option set by the user.

Flexible output files numbering

When converting documents to image files, such as JPG, PNG, or one-page TIFF, it is now possible to tune the page numbering for output file pages. As an option, you can add leading zeroes to them, e.g. to get ‘Document-001’ instead of ‘Document-1’ as an output filename.

To do this open, additional an menu in ‘Convert document to Image’  by pressing ‘Ctrl+Alt + i’ on your keyboard. In the popup menu find line PageFrm="%0*d" and edit it.

Tuning of these settings will make file sorting and group alignment of the output files more flexible.

Detailed descriptions for Action Set options

Description of Actions in Action Sets has been expanded and is now more detailed. E.g. ‘Print’ -> ‘Print on printer X’, ‘Convert to JPEG’ -> ‘Convert to JPEG, True color’

Keep the original folder structure

The new version of FolderMill can keep the original structure of Hot folders and its subfolders upon completion of tasks assigned. The amount of folders that can be created is unlimited.

Resume suspended processes in case of system failure

FolderMill 4.0 will resume previously scheduled tasks in case of unexpected downtime or power interruptions.

Ability to choose a type of limitation in Free version of FolderMill

In the free version of the program, it is possible to choose a type of limitation during printing. You can either have an additional template cover page or a special watermark printed on every page.

14-days time-trial version of FolderMill available

Due to multiple user requests, a full featured time-limited version of FolderMill is now  available. Try FolderMill without any limitations to its functionality for 14 days. This version is available by request, so please contact us to get it.

Free version

To download a free version of FolderMill and see its benefits for your company, please visit

For more information about FolderMill and all the features available, please visit our website:  

Commercial version

A commercial licence of FolderMill costs $499. You can find purchase details here:

Volume discounts are available starting from 2 licenses per order. We also provide special pricing for educational institutions, government, and nonprofit organizations.

The new version of FolderMill is available for free for registered users that purchased it during the last 6 months, and at a 50% discount for those who had purchased it more than 6 months ago.