Append New Documents to Multipage PDF or TIFF File

Convert to PDF automatically

FolderMill has a handy feature: along with converting files, you can also append various types of documents to an existing multi-page PDF or TIFF file. Learn how to create large PDFs or TIFFs that can be updated over time.

Automatically Print Incoming PDF Files

Auto print PDF folder

How to print PDF files automatically: tutorial and video instruction. FolderMill is a tool that prints all PDF files as they are arriving to a hot folder, without any human intervention.

How to Print to Multiple Printers Simultaneously

Auto print PDF Jpeg and other documents on several printers

Learn how to print to multiple printers simultaneously or print the same file on different printers. The program gives you flexible options to monitor new files and act as a print server for multiple printers. With FolderMill, you can print to multiple printers automatically.