Scheduled Printing: How to Print Files on a Schedule with FolderMill

Follow these step-by-step instructions to start or stop the FolderMill service or FolderMill Processor on a schedule. To automatically process files at a specific time or day of the week without user interaction, you can set up scheduled printing or file conversion via FolderMill and Windows Task Scheduler or Command Prompt.

Apply TXT over PDF with FolderMill

Apply text over pdf

Apply TXT files over existing PDF with our special MPDFHelper utility for FolderMill. Prepare a PDF template out of your invoices, sheets, agreement forms or other types of documents and combine them with text files for your business needs.

Apply Print Settings from Filename

In FolderMill, you can apply print settings simply by including specific parameters and values in the filename. Change print settings for certain files directly in their filename: number of copies, printer tray, duplex mode, paper type for each document individually.

Append New Documents to Multipage PDF or TIFF File

Convert to PDF automatically

FolderMill has a handy feature: along with converting files, you can also append various types of documents to an existing multi-page PDF or TIFF file. Learn how to create large PDFs or TIFFs that can be updated over time.

Automatically Print Incoming PDF Files

Auto print PDF folder

How to print PDF files automatically: tutorial and video instruction. FolderMill is a tool that prints all PDF files as they are arriving to a hot folder, without any human intervention.