How to Print Emails Automatically: Step-by-Step Instructions

How to automatically print emails and attachments: step-by-step instructions. Auto printing emails using FolderMill and email clients. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to automatically print emails and their attachments using FolderMill or the Outlook email client.

Convert Images, Scans, and Other Files to Searchable PDFs via OCR

Automatic OCR processing and PDF text recognition is a necessity in many situations. Convert different types of documents, such as scanned text documents, bitmapped (raster) PDF files, spreadsheets, or images captured by a camera or scanner into editable and searchable PDF data.

Automatically Split Multipage PDF by Page Ranges

Learn how to split a PDF into pages automatically – extract different parts of a multipage document and save them to subfolders as page ranges. Using different settings for the same Convert to PDF Action, you can send different parts of incoming documents to different recipients.

Automatically Combine PDF & TIFF Files

Learn how to rename, combine PDF files and merge other documents to a multi-page PDF or TIFF using Hot Folders. Set up FolderMill real-time processing to automatically convert, rename, and append new pages to existing files.

How to Print or Convert DWG files to PDF without AutoCAD

How to print DWG files or convert them into PDF without AutoCAD. Tools to simplify printing or conversion of DWG files. Easy ways to print or convert multiple DWG files at once. Why convert DWG to PDF or images. Why automate printing of CAD files.

How to Print from Google Drive Automatically

How to print documents from Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive automatically. How to set up printing over a network. Driverless printing: how to facilitate printing of files over the Internet.

Сreate PDF from multiple files arranged by ID number

Learn how to combine multiple Word documents into one PDF so that incoming files are merged by ID number, and the main document always goes first. Saving files as PDF and combining PDF together can be fully automated with FolderMill – see our step-by-step tutorial.